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The Garage - Live II (2004)

I am sorry but at the moment I don┤t have any time to work at the new pictures. But I will spend my next holidays (25.09 - 09.10) on the Canary Islands again. So I am going to update my Gallery when I am back.

Gregor - September -23-2004

We are back

So we are back in Germany and our short holiday on the Canary Islands is over. I am sorry but i dont have to much time to update my page. I will upload some new pictures in the next few days if its possible. But here are the new Charts for 2004 (thx to Stefan) ;)


Gregor - August -16-2004

The Garage - Live (2004)

In a few weeks (July-14-2004 till July-21-2004) we are on holiday on the Canary Islands again. As a matter of course we will be in the Garage Pub every night. Maybe i willl find a nice map of the Kasbah for the 'Location'-section. I will also try to get some new pictures for the gallery.

For daily new pictures visit this webpage (Maspalomas-Tonight).

Gregor - June-17-2004

First design is online
So it´s done. The first design of the GaragePub FanPage is online. At the moment there is only one language-version available (english). I think i will upload the german pages in the next one or two weeks. If you have any good advices or ideas please send me an email. I am also looking for more pictures (gallery) and other information about the pub.
Gregor - May-02-2004

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